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Karkat, Homestuck

We've got a live one

 Breaking news, people! A fairly interesting UFO story is unfolding as I write this.

The adventure started with two witnesses who took this video of a "ball of light" in Jerusalem.

Given the usual quality of UFO photos and videos, this is quite possibly the best recording of a UFO sighting I've ever seen (not that it had to edge out particularly tough competition). Notably, the part at the end where it zips off into the sky matches purported UFO behaviour that's frequently described but rarely actually documented.

(This  is supposedly the cell phone footage taken by the guy in the foreground)

The first thing that came to mind when looking at the video is that someone else would have seen an object hovering that low to the ground. Pretty amazingly, it turns out they did.

So what's going on here? Is this the vanguard of a cosmic invasion?

Check this out. That doesn't prove that the UFO really was added with CGI, just that it would be fairly easy to do so. Given the two choices- cheap CG effects or a mysterious unexplained light- I'm tempted to go with the former, particularly since the "UFO" is identical in size an shape to a large round white object just to the left of where it descends. 

That second video is more interesting, but there are obvious problems with it. Firstly, you'll notice that a bright flash can be seen in the first video just as the object takes off, but it's not in the second one. Someone in the background also claims that the UFO is "almost too bright to look at", but it's not causing any lens flare like all of the other bright lights are. Most damningly, the video was apparently not posted by the person who actually made it, and they don't say how they acquired it.

Then there's also the fact that it looks super fake.

Honestly, analysing video and photos isn't something I have any particular skill in so it's hard to really come to a conclusion on this. My gut reaction: it's a viral marketing campaign. There are a slew of alien invasion movies coming out soon (some of which I am quite looking forward to) and releasing high-quality UFO footage would be a smart move to drum up hype.

I'll keep the blog updated on any developments. I'll be particularly interested to see what the mainstream news makes of this.

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Karkat, Homestuck

June 2011

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